The Growth Experience

Welcome to conscious and sustainable community support of like-minded humans on a quest for regenerative growth. We are all on a mission to keep ourselves and our beautiful planet thriving.

But sometimes, when running a small business, you must wonder how it is all possible. I'm here to share that all you desire is possible with simplicity, leverage, and a new paradigm approach.

But we need to take action and commit to personal growth and business growth for this to emerge.

We have all the ingredients in The Growth Experience to walk a regenerative business pathway.

You have to turn up and create your recipe for growth. You can do that here if you haven't visited our information page yet. It's where you will find detailed information about what you receive and the three ways to engage with The Growth Experience.

If you have explored all that you need and are ready to join us, hit the ENROL button on this page, and you will be taken to three options that explain exactly what you receive at the bottom of this page.

11 Modules


Welcome to the Growth Experience. A small business incubator for regenerative leaders seeking the legacy and impact our earth is calling for in these times.

Framework 1. The H.E.A.R.T Method

Welcome to the First Framework in The Growth Experience.

The H.E.A.R.T Method underpins all future frameworks and brings them together to ensure we have an anchor for our new paradigm approach to business.

Framework 3. The Regenerative Wheel

How do we translate the theory of Regenerative Leadership into a small business environment?

Framework 4. Designing your Business Blueprint

This is your one-page business plan

Storytelling for Impact

Stories weave threads of human kinship. Sharing a unique story offers a nugget that can profoundly alter another's world. Carry your essential message in a story and it will be remembered always.


1 - Need a quick skills tour? If I know about what you need, I'm always happy to make a short video here for you.

2 - LOOKING for a resource we mentioned? It might be here


Regeneration is rooted in biology, but it now embodies a greater meaning for some business owners - the renewal and resilience of our world. No longer just a scientific idea; regeneration has come to represent a transformative personal and business pathway.

It’s about more than sustainability; it’s a profound leap, a commitment to nurturing our planet and ourselves.

Regenerative business owners prioritise climate, nature, social, and economic positivity over harmful extraction practices.

Yet, embracing regeneration isn’t just a change in strategy; it’s a journey deep into ourselves. It challenges who we are and how we live, demanding bravery, new skills, and a profound self-awareness.

It’s also about increasing our connection to nature guiding us to alter our habits and priorities.

This transformation isn’t abstract; it’s deeply personal. It’s the bedrock of regenerative leadership, shaping every aspect of the Growth Experience. It’s not just a philosophy; it’s a way of being, and it starts within each of us.


Each recorded session is listed here by date and subject for your reference.

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