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Welcome to a Unique Course Platform for Change Makers

We are here to support you as the business owner who is creating a better world for generations to come in three key ways.

Build   Create your message and digital presence either as a start-up or just to explore a new idea to assess viability.

Launch  Promote and Grow your offering to the world with all the practical, intuitive and strategic support with expert mentoring.

Scale  Once you have proven your concept, it's time to lead from purpose. Learn and be supported in the three key leadership principles to grow and scale with leverage and profitability.

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Available Experiences

Free Mentor Masterclass

Welcome you to this Conscious Business Community.

This module offers free inspiration and experiences for purpose-led business owners.

We are in the early stages of building this module but please enjoy our infamous exercise known as THE 12 QUESTIONS as many times as you need this.

You will be notified as more free experiences are added to this community.


A unique women’s mentoring community offering transformational support using a unique combination of strategy and intuition. You may like to watch this video to learn more. 

Learn the framework that simplifies your business and brings in more clients with less effort. 

All while connecting with conscious people that will champion you and your business. 

So what do you get?

  • 3 x Weekly Group Calls every month
  • 1 x  Personal Business Strategy session with Jannine 
  • A three-month experience to integrate, learn and change.

The cost is £297/month but billing is monthly so when you join us today, only £99 is billed to you this month.

We move with the rhythm of nature's cycles.  Every three months you can choose whether you would like to join us again or take a season off and then pop back in as you need.

We are here for your highest good and to support your highest potential. We, therefore trust you will know how often you need support from the B experience. 

You can join us from anywhere in the world, even if you are on holiday.

THE Summer 2022 DATES ARE

14-21-28     JUNE  8:30 - 10:00am

5-12-19       JULY  8:30 - 10:00am

9 -16-23      AUGUST  8:30 - 10:00am

Ask me why we are different to anything you have ever experienced before! Or watch this video which will explain this clearly. 

Or just let me know you are interested and would like a prompt to pay closer to the joining time by contacting me at change@janninebarron.com

33 Days to go Digital

Welcome to the 33 Days to go Digital

This course brings your dream business to life with practical guidance and free tools that help you build a digital business presence.

LIMITED OFFER - LAST TIME RUN WITH SMALL GROUP GUIDANCE use the code 33XJ to get a 30% discount! 

This course walks you through the vital steps to create a business or creative project.

We did this in 33 days in lockdown as it was urgent for many of you but we now take 6 - 8 weeks to complete this together.

So Yes - you can do it part-time!

Utilising a unique combination of private mentoring with Business Coach Jannine Barron and skills-based videos across three modules, you can create your business presence at the pace you choose.

We start with your business plan, create your brand logo and visual imagery. Then we learn how to create a clear written and visual message that really connects you with ideal customers.

By the end of this course, you will have an online presence which may include a website using the WIX platform. You will then be able to launch a business or creative project.

While we recommend 33 days as the optimum pace, this course can be completed in less time if you have an urgent project.

Running your own business will increase your quality of life. Whether you are ready for the leap or not, you will get support, guidance and step by step instructions on creating a digital presence. If you are not ready to share it with the world, that's fine. The point is, it will be completed so when you are ready, you have a business to share.

The Growth Experience


Learn to Lead instead of just owning your business with a regenerative mindset.

Applications for this experience is closed for 2022. If you would like to join us next year for the 2023 Small Business Regeneration Journey, please register your interest change@janninebarron.com

This is a 9-month deep mastermind run in a small group for business owners already doing quite well but know deeply that a new direction or a change is required.

In this process, you explore regenerative leadership and develop your leadership mindset by analysing your existing style and recreating your ideal business DNA with wellbeing and sustainability at the centre of your company.

From here, the growth will be sustainable, simple and regenerative for you, your clients and for the whole world.

The Brand Academy

This is where I help you bring your dream to life by getting your digital course created or your physical product idea launched into the world.

This support is suitable for complete beginners and existing business owners


Create leverage in your business by turning your expertise into a course. If you are currently selling to one person at a time and would to know how to sell to many, this is an ideal mentoring service for you. Create sustained and leveraged income with digital products such as courses.


  • I help you identify a market for your physical product idea.
  • Navigate the Intellectual Property and other legal entity issues.
  • Cost your products and forecast their potential before you spend money.
  • Find ethical suppliers and manufacturers locally and globally using my extensive contacts.
  • Craft your product and brand story, then build your brand imagery.
  • Create a business and marketing strategy for your idea using simple frameworks.
  • It’s all about foresight to avoid your expensive hindsight!

I have launched 33 products of my own since 1998 with ethical and fair trade supply chains.

I’ve supported over 25 companies and sole traders in recent years do the same.

The Brand Academy is also ideal if you are stuck on your journey and need support, help, rescue or change the process.

So if you have a product idea, or are just stuck! give me a call. It's free to have an initial assessment of your idea. change@janninebarron.com

Weekly Intuitive Reading

When you select this product which is billed monthly, you can join and leave anytime. You join our group on SIGNAL where you receive images and recordings to support your personal and business month. You can simply choose to receive or you can engage with the group. There is no obligation on how you connect. This is just a gift for you!

Here is what you receive.

  • Sunday Group Intuitive Guidance to set up your week
  • Mid Week Inspiration and Motivation
  • Deeper Group New Moon and Full Moon Intuitive Readings and Moon Guidance
  • Guided ‘Bridge’ visualisation recording.
  • Cave meditation recording.
  • Discount code to attend any group events in 2022
  • Optional Quarterly Group Strategy Workshop - you will always be invited!
  • All for just £25/month. Opt-in and out anytime!
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