Regenerative Frameworks for Small Business

Welcome and Thank You for creating a business so that present and future generations can thrive.

The conscious business platform has been created with one clear purpose - to help all entrepreneurs design the conditions for a business to prosper. A business that supports you and all life to thrive with purpose and impact. This platform has been designed for you - the sole traders, start up and small company owner who are driven to fulfill your vision of purpose and impact, on small budgets. Here are a few things you can do with us;

Design your regenerative business model.

Grow with the support of a like-minded community.

Leverage and Lead from purpose, time, income and impact with a simple, scalable business model.

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You can learn about your facilitator and guide here and also @ Jannine Barron

Learn more about our Regenerative Business Incubator in 2023, which we like to call THE GROWTH EXPERIENCE

Available Experiences

Free Mentor Masterclass

Welcome you to this Conscious Business Community.

You can access the free content in the free masterclass module by logging in anytime. If you are new to the platform, please create your login access on the top right which will give you immediate access to this content.

This module offers free inspiration and experiences for purpose-led business owners.

We are in the early stages of building this module but there are three self-guided lessons for you to enjoy to create and grow your business.

They are not designed to go in any particular order, more of a menu of delights for you to access as you need.

Visit us as often as you like!

  1. The Twelve Questions
  2. Mentor and Coaching
  3. Understanding your Brand Identity.
  4. A range of guided visualisations.

The Growth Experience

Are you ready for a Regenerative Business Journey in 2024?

The Growth Experience is a year-long journey that promotes your personal and business regeneration with three potential ways to engage with us. The distinctive blend of guided group learning, personal coaching, nature immersion, business mentoring, and community collaboration provides a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your regenerative business goals.

What would happen if you dedicated all of 2024 to you and your regeneration?

In our fourth year running, we're excited to announce three new ways to access The Growth Experience.

1 - An accessible, affordable, online-only option with a payment plan.
2 - The Complete Growth Experience includes private mentoring and Nature's Boardroom.
3 - The private model is for those wanting a bespoke transformational experience.

The  NATURE'S BOARDROOM experience inclusive with your enrolment of The Complete Growth Experience.

Enrolment Is Now Open for 2024 so you can commit to a legacy of genuine, regenerative impact. Apply here: Join The Growth Experience

Need more information first? Learn about THE GROWTH EXPERIENCE 2024 here.


There are three modules to Linkedin Growth.

  • We begin by assessing WHY you want to use linked in, WHO you want to connect with and WHAT you want to communicate. Once you are clear on this, we set up and optimise your Linkedin profile Self-guided video learning and activity. 
  • How to use Linkedin to grow + nurture your network Self-Guided Video Learning (20 mins) 
  • Use Linkedin to optimise your SEO ranking and think of it as a search engine.  Self-guided video learning (20 mins)
  • BONUS: Private session: A link will be sent to you to book once you enrol in the course

Linkedin extras such as videos, articles, company pages, personal pages, using your history, profile reviews and more can be discussed in private sessions depending upon progress with the above content.

Conscious Business Support Community

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We are creating a conscious business community for support and accountability to ensure we positively impact the world.

Our community will offer a range of practical and energetic support, including regenerative business strategy, conscious marketing, on-demand masterclasses, support and connection. I will create the content based on your monthly requests to deliver precisely what you need in practical and energetic support. No guessing, just getting what you ask for!

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